I Feel None, When I Feel You

    When I Feel You

I see none, When I see you

Not the sun setting down those quivering waves

I feel none, When I feel you

Not the sand slipping under my bare feet

Not the time, Running off

Second by second, Every moment

Tells me, To enjoy

Your company, Your touch

The hand that I hold by the moment

The smile I witness, With every tide of air

Playing with your hair

Telling some untold tales

Tending you to smile, With you

I assembled, The chain of happiness

Which gripped me strongly!…

When I’m with you, I’m with none

Not the thorns piercing my hands

Not the world, Going  In the mortality

Making me Eternal Cherishing person

Above all, The happiest one

Because, I’m starting At you!!!

The aroma of your presence

Surrounds me, Makes me unaware

The surroundings Absorbing In my soul

To make it, Stronger and spiritual

I feel none, When I feel you

Under the sky, Giving a shade of dark blue

Or gray, I can see

The light coming from within you

Brighter than the moon

I see none, When I see you

The unending destination is with you

Lasting forever Never, never

I wish to end, To get more and more

Your company, I wish to be the looser Forever!

Demanding nothing, Wishing nothing

Except, You and you only!

Because you are the one!!

Like you, There is none!!!

Yeah! You and you only!!!!


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