We Can Live, Let’s Go There – Most Inspiring Poem

Let’s be the ones without any mask

Ignore the conscious, whatever the task

Let’s throw our masks and hug our demons

Merely listen to the heart’s summons

Let’s go

Where there is no reason

Without reasons, things happen beautifully

No care, no worry

Feel the drink

Of Escasty!

Now melancholy heart

Would never cease to beat

With every ticking of the clock

Happiness Would be dropped

In your pleasure box

Let’s go there

Let’s go there

Where Life wouldn’t be a complain

Happiness Would be within

Not by external merely

Entangled thoughts

Would run away

Mind will blow

Where still stars shine

Still sun rises

With its full glow

To make a flow

For those

Who wants to sail out

Beyond the sea

Where everything is positive and healthy!!!

Let’s go there

In the purple vale

Where colors

Are not colors


They are the fountains

Where the spring of life


Let’s go there!

Where Sunsets

With light red pale rays

Hand in hand

Along with the seashore

Drizzling light

Song on lips

We can live

We can live!!!

Let’s go


Let’s go!!!!!

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