Most Inspiring Mother’s Love Whatsapp Status Quotes

“Don’t forget that your mother prays for you even you forget to pray for yourself.”

“When you sit with your mom then at that moment you feel like being a kid and don’t feel old no matter how aged you have been.”

“If a father wants to love their children then his love just for children is not enough but he must love their mother as well.”

“Food taste becomes better when my mom makes them for me, every dish from the hands my mom seems delicious and good.”

“Mother taught you how to speak and walk so never speak hard in front of your mother.”

“If your mother is alive then you are blessed one.”

“Love of mother is always precious.”

“Know that mother lost her shining, to make you shine.”

“Love of mother is precious, nothing can replace it.”

“For children, a mom’s arms are very best place to sleep there for them, they sleep there soundly and without scary.”


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