Top 10 Most Famous Quotes And Sayings

“Never rest on your laurels. Nothing wilts faster than a laurel sat upon.”

Mary Kay


“Prosperity is not without many fears and distastes, and adversity is not without comforts and hopes.”

Francis Bacon

“Ability is of little account without opportunity.”

Lucille Ball

“Common sense is instinct, and enough of it is genius.”

Josh Billings

“Life has no limitations, except the ones you make.”

Les Brown


“Be where you are; otherwise you will miss your life.”


“Living an experience, a particular fate, is accepting it fully.”

Albert Camus

“As I grow older, I pay less attention to what men say. I just watch what they do.”

Andrew Carnegie


“I enjoy every day, because I choose to.”

Tony Clark


“As you know, life is an echo; we get what we give.”

David DeNotaris

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