Money and success don’t change people; they merely amplify what is already there.

When we talk about a Successful person, then we are usually discussing with someone who has a financial balance of billions, a person who has created various blockbusters, or perhaps a country Which is responsible for the whole country.

Even then, on this occasion, you ask those people who are in line with the traditional meaning of a useful person, many will tell you that they are not achieved by those achievements.

Below, Business Insider has gathered that a part of the world’s most amazing and great people – from President Barack Obama to late producer Maya Angelo – needs to be told about progress.

The Bill Gates is the richest person on the planet, the total assets are $ 96 billion, but for them, the achievement is about connections and is leaving the heritage.

The Gates took a tip from Warren Buffett when he got some information about the meaning of achievement:

“Warren Buffett has said that [the solution for success] is that you have the general population happy and pleased you.”

They included this: “It is also pleasant to realize that you had any effect – to make something or to bring children or help individuals in need.

The achievement is not how much cash you have. Achievement is not your position. Achievement is the way you do what you do when no one else sees you.

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