“I do not wish them [women] to have power over men; but over themselves.”

It is time that in order to influence the unrest in female habits from time to time, to restore their lost nobility and to make them as a piece of human species, to change the world itself Work to improve.

At that time women have longed to point to the equal people of society and get the majority of social benefits like men. It is extremely impossible that such progress can ever increase the world. It can only make things better because it will prepare ready women to make more profitable contributions to the existing society.

I am completely impressed that we should not know about any of these infants, if young women are allowed to exercise adequately, and as long as their muscles are not loose, Are not restricted to the room, and their power of absorption ends.

Women should have a lot of support on this occasion and have to be fast moving that they were given different childhood from men. Likewise, she imagines that women do not work like young people that they were not treated like them.

This is the specific point for which I go. I do not wish them [women] to control men; Though on themselves

Wolstockcraft is not fighting for a woman-governed society. What is the need for women to be intelligent and intelligent, and they have no chance of fulfilling this purpose, except that they get separate training from men and find that their feelings are used by their words How to control

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