“How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours.”

In some random minutes in our lives, we have the opportunity to choose the way to respond completely to external occasions, and our response will eventually decide our destiny. What does this mean? How can we understand that in the way we react to other people, especially when they control the way they act cruel, deceptive or aggressive towards all accounts?

A long time ago when I was living in Los Angeles and was focusing on acting, my acting consultant disclosed to us that we need to be very good performers on this occasion, to understand this Hope you can not arrange human behavior By this, he implied that the person does what he really does on the basis.

He often joked, “The worm eats an apple because it is what we do, and the characters we play are similar to the worms.” He was trying to train us that at that point we needed to be great performers, we could not make decisions on the characters played by them, because at any time we had decided about ourselves, we The character left out of being integrated

Definitely the same thing applies to most of our connections. Every time you judge someone because they are not working on the way they need us, we lose our cooperation or unity with them. Mother Teresa told that when she said, “If you judge people, then you do not have enough energy to take care of them.”

So what is the system at that time?

Leave any desire that individuals should follow in a specific way throughout your life.

Apart from this, nothing should be said about the problems of emotions and feelings of different emotions when we are not being disposed of in the way that we need?

Sit with them and enable them to enable them. Treat them with life as a blessing, which is telling you that there is another major practice to be educated, and it is related to some other depth.

The moment you discharge your desires by discharging your desires for others, and make yourself capable of actually sitting with each of those undesirable emotions, which you react – instead of giving feedback – giving feedback Rather – beneficial, all the more attractive pieces of your identity. It is the beginning of the moral duty, the end of negative action, and the initial step for emotional mastery.

Reacting on life from the state of pooja, gratitude, empathy, understanding and absence is the fastest way to make more attractive connections in all parts of your life. What is the fastest way to live the 12 qualities of the heart.

There is a clear separation between our hearts and people in our lives, which is affection, tolerance, generosity, sympathy and everything is fine.

By saying this, it is tragic for those who fall outside of the hover because there is a further separation between our hearts and where they stand, there is an increase in the direction of these characteristics. I do not believe it is a cognitive decision for the most, yet its existence is continuously present and it is proved within our communication. I can populate an interval rand down of those instances where I have pushed the others firmly because they have interfered with my work (fulfilling things) or have done something to understand their own feelings. At the point where this happens, I lose the full sense of what I need to be and to guarantee the person, my center movement is clearly careful about my wonderful views towards them. There is no worship here and it can not be further from my true.

Even if the person has mixed the reaction by venturing your fly on new kicks, the client who appears late for his arrangement, the associate is highly interrupted or the partner who chooses to know everything – we often People do not take their cost, people get a place near our heart and have a chance to face the benefits or to know our legitimate self. As a Parayah, they are actually dismissed from a wonderful club and remember each of the advantages and love that can be held in this banal meeting. Instead of brilliant, they get a monster part of our decision, our suppositions and our own image, which they change everything about us. It is really a terrible exchange with any standard and a generous cost to pay for not being in our club.

On the most granular dimension we are on whole persons and it is our names, thoughts, emotions and emotions that we connect with others who reach our wonderful club and in the end live around our hearts.

Imagine how your life might be in this event that you use the vast space inside your heart to share your best self with your heart and the world. The discussion will be changed and your connections will grow on a large scale. You can use every association to share your endowments, raise others, and move them on your courage, because without the management of siege of judgment, suspicion and harmful personalities, it is difficult to detect the existence.

We all get an opportunity to make our life more extravagant and affect everyone around us effectively – we should reach them easily. Give everyone a chance to face worship, tolerance, thoughtfulness, sympathy and all the civilizations you do. Dr. Wayne Dyer said that all of them.

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